Speakers, more than just bass

Your sound, your way, still it does help that you are able to have the full spectre of audible frequencies available.
All of our speakers are designed to give you pleasure, whether it is calm Hi-Fi or exceptionally loud or even an oem upgrade, they will bring forth the smile making you feel better.

Gone is entry levels, our speakers starts at the extraordinary. We focus on offering more for less, even in the first step into B2 audiophile.
Our loudspeakers can stand a comparison in design, performance & price, but with the benefit of having higher grade materials used and more attention to details such as,
crossovers with carefully chosen inductors & custom branded capacitors, carbon fiber &  coated paper cones for more natural & greater sound.

In order to increase the efficiency of our speakers, we use both high grade ceramic magnets & neodymium driving custom designed voice coils to enhance both the performance & the audio.
With 6 different speaker series, 2 of which can be had in a 3 way setup, you can be sure that there’s a sound reproduction that goes beyond the ordinary, no matter the cost.