Products in need of repair requires a correctly filled in RMA form, if warranty is to be claimed.
This form can be found by clicking this link RMA form . However this form is only valid for products purchased directly at B2 audio. If you have purchaced your item at a dealer, it is imperative that you contact them first.

We are not able to keep track of your purchases done through dealers or their RMA system!

Personal repairs or upgrades beyond what’s offered as a warranty does not require such a form.
The repair center will then be contacted by you, the end user. B2 audio will not be further involved in the process, unless called upon.

Authorized repair center / amplifiers

  • Anything Audio Car Amplifier Repair. (AACAR)
    Mark Cannady
    2205 Dail Ridge Rd.
    NC 27591

Authorized repair center / subwoofers

Authorized repair center / amplifiers