How do you amplify?

There’s a saying; power is nothing without control.
To get the most out of your system requires meticulous planning. and What is the purpose of your end goal? B² audio amplifiers takes notice of your requirements and offers a multitude of amplifiers.

We have gathered our experience from every aspect of the car audio scene, with over nearly 4 decades of experience. Sound competitions & daily applications, summed up to offer you a product with a near unlimited application.

Every single B2 audio amplifier is meant to be bring you joy. Reproducing the audio signal with the lowest possible distortion. Even in our high powered Class D amplifiers, we live by the same philosophy. All of our amplifiers are therefore overengineered to comply with our demands.

The guts

All heatsinks have been custom designed and weighted, to improve thermal power handling. Beyond Military grade components from the worlds’ leading manufacturers, with a minimum of tolerance are hand picked and matched, increasing efficiency and ensuring stability.

PCB (printed circuit boards) with more durable copper traces and unique designs furthermore sets the B2 amplifiers apart. Not to mention unique features, first implemented by us (and copied by others), making your amplifier distinguished and reveered. This makes any B2 audio amplifier able to comply with your demands. Sound Quality, SPL, low voltage applications, versatility & unsurpassed dynamics is what it is all about. Whether it being a 600 watt amplifier or a 12KW+ amplifier, they are all made with the same dna and identity.

2 CH

4 CH+

Rage 600.4