B2 takes a great pride in providing you with low end transducers for any application possible.
Our strategy is that every subwoofer shall be able to reproduce music with a respectable frequency response considering its design.
Making burp only woofers, has never been our idea, we live for and love music. Still we know there’s consumers that constantly push the boundaries, applying multiple times the power rated, even those who may seem to use inadequate ensclosures (which will affect the performance and also the power handling of the subwoofer) have become large clientele.

Knowing the facts above, we set out to design woofers that could cater to all. This meant that everything had to be overdimensioned, not only motors or voice coils.
But also suspension, cones, surrounds and even testing various dustcaps for optimized performance. Not to forget the tinsel leads to the voice coil and the oversized 4GA copper based push terminals. Some merely make subwoofers the easiest way possible and can make items look similar rather simple & cheaper, but more than often it is the non obvious things that matters to achieve the higher standards we set.

Before the final product is ready it has undergone various revisions, sample testing and finally abuse. That way we are sure, the product will be able to offer outstanding performance, whether it being Reference Audiophile such as the Reference series, SQL / SPL woofers like XM, HN, IS or even the high performance EL series for the price conscious.
Spending the extra time, knowledge and cost, makes our subwoofers able to being crossovers, so not only a single application is the only accurate one.

This is what we define as “Sweet like Danish”.