Subwoofers built per request, made for a specific purpose.
XN (Neodymium) is handmade in Scandinavia in variety of configurations. Direct leads, push terminals or a configuration of both is possible, only your imagination sets the limits.
We can supply handmade carbonfiber cones in various designs, or semi or non pressed paper cones blended with carbonfiber to fullfil your desire. With tested power ranges from 3 Kw to 20 Kw (26.8 bph) in burst power, the stout 3″ 8 layer aluminum coil with a titanium bobbin will work flawlessly in the configuration of prime Nomex spiders.

XN is for those who wants something unique as a signature series, truly Sweet Like Danish.

The parameters below are based on a light spl setup. As the XN is all custom made, the specs below are only to be used as a guideline.

Specifications:XNv3 15 PaperconeXNv3 18 CF cone
Frequency Response:10 Hz ~ 500 Hz10 Hz ~ 500 Hz
Sensitivity 2.83 v: 96.1 dB97.71 dB
Nominal Impedance:Dual 1 OhmDual 1 Ohm
DC Resistance Series (RE): 1.8 Ohm1.7 Ohm
Resonance Frequency (FS):42.4 Hz41.7 Hz
Power Handling: 3000 Watts 3000 Watts
Peak Dynamic Power Handling: 20000 Watts (26.8 BHP)20000 Watts (26.8 BHP)
VAS: 29.36 L64.1 L
Voice Coil Diameter: 3"3"
CMS:29 um/N30 um/N
MMS:493.3 g478.7 g
BL² /RE:347.3345
Magnet Weight:
500 Oz
500 Oz
Magnet Type:
N52 x 20 piecesN52 x 20 pieces
30 mm30 mm
Mounting Depth:
315 mm / 12.4"341 mm / 13.42"
*It is essential that our subwoofers are given time to allow the suspension to soften up. Depending on use, this may take several weeks. While this process is undergoing, it is not recommended to apply full amplification power according to the subwoofers specs. Once the moving parts have been broken in, the performance of your subwoofer will increase.