At times you need to exaggerate to make a point. The new RAGE subwoofers with their unique design and features doesn’t need to capture the trend, the RAGE sets the trend.
With the RAGEXL we went above and beyond any of our previous subwoofer models based on a 3″ coil platform. New custom tooled baskets for both the 12″ and 15″ equals a fresh start. Going larger also means going smaller. 2019 saw the dawn of the RAGEXL in both 10″ and 18″, built using the same parts and tech as the proven 12″ and 15″.
No recycling or compromises were made.  Spider landings of  up to 12.4″ / 315 mm gives plenty of room for the 2.76″ / 70 mm peak to peak excursion, only limited by the motor height only.

Keep it cool

The oversized 11″ wide XL motor boasts numerous large flared vents for cooling the high-temp 8 layer US aluminum voice coil. In addition the XD pole (cross drilled pole), optimizes cooling even further. The premium softparts ensures longetivety and prevents your subwoofer from becoming sloppy after beating on it hard. Small details such as the dual solid wound tinsel leads connected to a 4 AWG push terminal, may not be needed for its 2000 w power rating. But we don’t strive to be the cheapest, but aim for being the best, so no shortcuts are made.
The extra stiff spherical composite dustcaps, don’t only look great, but they provide the extra support needed when you might start warping cones at high spl. The dual color stitching on the newly tooled surround adds both bling and stability.

Go outRAGEous with the RAGE!


Frequency Response:10 Hz ~ 500 Hz10 Hz ~ 500 Hz10 Hz ~ 500 Hz10 Hz ~ 500 Hz10 Hz ~ 500 Hz10 Hz ~ 500 Hz10 Hz ~ 500 Hz10 Hz ~ 500 Hz
Sensitivity: 90.3 dB89.4 dB89.4 dB86.9 dB92.3 dB89 dB92.3 dB92.5 dB
Nominal Impedance:Dual 1 OhmDual 2 OhmDual 1 OhmDual 2 OhmDual 1 OhmDual 2 OhmDual 1 OhmDual 2 Ohm
DC Resistance (RE): 2 Ohm4 Ohm2 Ohm4 Ohm2 Ohm4 Ohm2 Ohm4 Ohm
Resonance Frequency (FS):34.5 Hz35 Hz35 Hz35 Hz33 Hz32 Hz28.6 Hz27.6 Hz
Power Handling: 1500 Watts 1500 Watts 3500 Watts 3500 Watts3500 Watts3500 Watts3500 Watts3500 Watts
Peak Dynamic Power Handling: 6000 Watts 6000 Watts 10000 Watts 10000 Watts10000 Watts10000 Watts10000 Watts10000 Watts
VAS: 11.7 L8.9 L12.9 L18.8 L44.3 L41.7 L101.3 L111.3 L
Voice Coil Diameter: 3"3"3"3"3"3"3"3"
CMS:70 um/N60 um/N50 um/N54 um/N50 um/N50.3 um/N50 um/N60 um/N
MMS:221.3 g232.1 g366 g375.2 g446 g472 g508.1 g529.5 g
Magnet Weight:
560 Oz
560 Oz
705 Oz
705 Oz705 Oz705 Oz705 Oz705 Oz
XMAX one way:
28 mm28 mm35 mm35 mm35 mm35 mm35 mm35 mm
5.07 L / 0.179 cu.ft5.07 L / 0.179 cu.ft8.36 L / 0.295 cu.ft8.36 L / 0.295 cu.ft12.1 L / 0.427 cu.ft12.1 L / 0.427 cu.ft15.55 L / 0.549 cu.ft15.55 L / 0.549 cu.ft

*It is essential that our subwoofers are given time to allow the suspension to soften up. Depending on use, this may take several weeks. While this process is undergoing, it is not recommended to apply full amplification power according to the subwoofers specs. Once the moving parts have been broken in, the performance of your subwoofer will increase.