THE KRAKEN – Beyond Frightening 

Once in a while tales emerge. The story of the monster lurking below the surface of the Norwegian coasts is such one. So feared, people didn’t even dare mention it. Known to bring danger, disaster & destruction, all while crushing any obstacle in its way. The Kraken may have become a myth, but we don’t fully know what lurks in the depth of the oceans. We sought to bring the memory of the gigantic ship crushing creature into the spotlight again.

Focusing merely of the madness of its power and size. The Kraken is our take on the ultimate power house in amplification. 30.000 watts channeled onto a single pcb with a mono output, sound like describing insanity!

Just a few years ago, such power was a myth. Several big amps had their place in history, but didn’t stand much of a chance in comparison to this monsters raw power in its application.  The facts of the myth compared the Architeuthis  (large deep sea squid) to the Kraken. But it mentioned it has a predator in the sperm whale. So maybe lurking even deeper below the surface a potential predator, besides humans exists for the mythical creature?

The same fate could apply to the amplifier. This is not a toy for everyone  but the embodiment of excessive wattage! Truly classified as a big boy amp, you also need big boy electrical. Entering this realm is at your own risk. Even at 8 ohm, you will surpass the 1 ohm power of what is considered strong in other amplifiers.

So the question remains, are you willing to embark on the journey to experience the devastating power of the Kraken?


To be exact, all 30 Kw of it. This is made possible due to a highly efficient circuit design, minimizing power losses from the power supplied to the amplifier. With 4 oversized 1/0 (more like 2/0) positive and negative power terminals, which nearly isn’t even enough for full tilt with this amp, well at least not if your wires are of a significant length. Luckily, the impedance rise in subwoofer enclosures actually comes to your aid! Fear not, even with a rise to 2 ohm, you will nearly have 20 Kw within reach.

Unleashing the full potential will have a peak current draw beyond 2500A. Take a minute, think about the battery system needed. A lithium bank of 500A isn’t even crazy considering the potential of the amp.  The operational voltage from 9.5V to 16V covers most electrical setups, even LTO banks.


We chose to focus on the the intended main application. It is not our idea to connect a ludicrous amount of full range speakers to the Kraken. Various others have their take of 20kw + amplifiers based on full bridge circuits. Most of them are full range and emit an excessive amount of ground noise, especially when it is in idle. So not totally ideal. Instead of skimping down on filtration components in the audio section, the choice was clear. The Kraken needs to meet the expectation of a useable competition amplifier. A frequency response of 10 Hz ~ 200 Hz requires a different configuration, but ended up with a cleaner audio output focusing on the lower frequencies.


The Kraken manual

Frequency Response:10 Hz ~ 200 Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio: >90 dB
Input Sensitivity:5 V ~ 0.2 V
Crossover: 12 dB / Oct
Low Pass Crossover: 40 Hz ~ 180 Hz
Subsonic Crossover:15 Hz ~ 50 Hz
Damping Factor:>200
Power Terminal gauge:
0 GA x 4
Fuse Rating:2000 A
Operational voltage:9.5 V ~ 16 V
Dimensions:35.1" x 9.25" x 2.67"
907 x 235 x 68 MM
Power @ 4 Ω 14.4v:
9000 w
Power @ 2 Ω 14.4v:
16000 w
Power @ 1 Ω 14.4v:
30000 w

*In order to get the full power output of the amplifier, it is crucial that your electical system is correctly (over) dimensioned. Failure to upgrading will constrain the power output & lower the efficiency.  This can cause damage to the amplifier &  void the warranty. Drivng the amplifier with  ohm loads below of what is written in the manual is another void.  Therefore take your time and read the manual thoroughly prior to installing! **Marine capable products are not to be subjected directly to water, but has the ability of being functional in humid conditions.