The Zero.5 has been on its way since the beginning, but in the final version. There’s a ”few” upgrades.
The dual 0 GA power terminals for even better efficiency & the control panel passed down from the M1s you are now able to set gains, boost frequency, xovers etc. on the master amplfier & then route the signal into 2 slaves, which will ease install of multiple amps.

The Zero.5R is for those who seeks an amplifier that makes rated power at the given impedance within the operational voltage.
Don’t matter if you got 10v and 4 ohm, the amplifier will still do the rated power at 14.4v. Now that’s what we call efficiency.


Frequency Response:15 Hz ~ 250 Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio: 100 dB
Input Sensitivity:6 ~ 0.2 V
Crossover: 24 dB / Oct
Low Pass Crossover: 35 Hz ~ 250 Hz
Subsonic Crossover:10 Hz ~ 50 Hz
Bass Boost: 0 ~ 9 dB
Bass Boost Frequency: 30 Hz ~ 80 Hz
0 ~ 180°
Damping Factor:>300
Power Terminal gauge:
0 GA x 2
Fuse Rating:250 A
Operational voltage:9 V ~ 18 V
Dimensions:18.9" x 11.8" x 2.6"
48 x 30 x 6.4 cm
Power @ 4 Ω 10v :
Power @ 4 Ω 12v:
Power @ 4 Ω 14.4v:
600 w
600 w
750 w
Power @ 2 Ω 10v :
Power @ 2 Ω 12v:
Power @ 2 Ω 14.4v:
1200 w
1200 w
1500 w
Power @ 1 Ω 10v :
Power @ 1 Ω 12v:
Power @ 1 Ω 14.4v
Power @ 1 Ω 18v:
2000 w
2000 w
3000 w
5000 w
*In order to get the full power output of the amplifier, it is crucial that your electical system is correctly (over) dimensioned. Failure to upgrading will constrain the power output & lower the efficiency which can cause damage to the amplifier & void the warranty, this also includes ohm loads below of what is written in the manual. Do take your time and read the manual thoroughly before installing!