Team B2 – You got what it takes!

Ever wanted to be more involved in your love for audio? Joining the B2 audio team might very well be the answer. With members from all over the world, the information and support is vast & rather unique. No matter the age, gender or vehicle, there could be a place for you in our “family” of Audiophiles. Several records, championships, benchmarks & awesome builds have already been achieved with B2 audio and its squadron. Dedication, respect and proper representation are all cornerstones that our team lives by. No matter where in the world, any member will will go the extra mile, to show what our products are capable of in the right hands with the support that’s needed.

Send us your personal info by filling in the form below, as well as a thorough description of your past, present and future goals.

B2 audio dealer

    You understand you are applying for a manufactures team. You need to have a majority of your system containing our product.