Derived from the successful SLIP40AH LiFePO4 battery, the SLIP20 makes its entry. It has the same cylindrical design using the 18650 cell as the the foundation. Why such a small battery you might think? Due to the high discharge abilities, (which should be the core function of any lithium battery used for car audio), it is preferable to have multiple terminals to draw power from. Compared to a single 36 Ah ~ 40 Ah battery, 2 smaller batteries in parallel with the same Ah usually yields a higher discharge capacity. Looking at it that way, things starts to make sense right?

Then comes the benefit that matters most, the cost and the application. Most systems currently run AGM batteries, however switching to a lithium system could be a costly option, thus many won’t even consider it. But with a smaller, more cost efficient battery, with the ability of holding up to 3500 watts of continious amplification it changes your mind setting. Adding in the weight and space savings vs conventional batteries, why not leap into the future? The SLIP20’s 8.32 Lbs / 3.77 Kgs vs a 60 Lbs / 27 Kgs battery should be a no brainer.

Unfortunately the lack of knowledge in using lithium for car audio has also created a dark side. Various types of batteries are sold as premium goods, but could be anything from recycled cells to low discharge cell not intended for car audio, but worst of all is they are made with disregard to the end users safety. The SLIP20 has undergone strict and various SAE J537 testing by an independent testing lab in USA.

SLIP20 has a “BMS” Battery Management System which features cells balancing, short circuit protection and over current protection, making the battery safer to use than DIY batteries.


Battery Type:13.2 V LiFePO4 cylindrical13.2 V LiFePO4 cylindrical
Ampere Hours:18 AH40 AH
Amplifier Power Capacity:5 KW Max / 3.5 KW continious12 KW Max / 7 KW continious
Weight: 3.77 kg / 8.32 lbs7 kg / 15.4 lbs
Dimensions metric (Lenght x Height x Width): 16.6 cm x 12.5 cm x 17.5 cm32 cm x 18 cm x 16 cm
Dimensions imperial:6.53" x 4.92" x 6.89"12.59" x 7.01" x 6.29
Open Circuit Voltage: 13.3 V13.4 V
Max Charge Voltage: 14.8 V14.8 V
Recommended Charge Voltage:
14.6 V14.6 V
Watt Hours:237.6528
Max Discharge Current:
400 A (BMS protection)1000 A
Continuous Discharge Current (Dynamic):300 A600 A
Continous Charge Current:8 A20 A
Max Charge Current (peak):120 A (Alternator)250 A (Alternator)
Terminal Type:M8M8
Warranty:1 Year1 Year
Operation Temperature:-4° ~ 140° (Fahrenheit)
-20° ~ 60° (Celcius)