SIEO (Six In Eight Out) DSP

SIEO in it’s 2nd editon is a joint venture with our Nordic affiliate NOAD.
Whereas the first edition was beyond advanced, the SIEO v2 offers the same features, but simplified for the benefit of the end user.
Six In Eight Out relates to the configuration of inputs and outputs. With this DSP (Digital Sound Processor) you will have the ability of running an advanced fully active 8 channel SQ setup. But we have also thought of versatility, you will also be able to run all channels in any configuration you may prefer. Fullrange, Highpass Bandpass or 8 output channels for subwoofers are possible (very useful for 4th or 6th order tunnel designs).
Should your desire be running fully digital, then the SIEO has a Toslink (optical input) and with the BTD 4.0, a Bluetooth v 4.0 device you can stream audio directly to the DSP, either fully digital or analog.

Tweak n Tune

A 31 band para/graphic eq with Q settings in 0.1 increments is at your disposal. Not limited by presets, you can type or drag the specific band to any position to tune that exact frequency, yes it is even possible to tweak in the same 0.1 increments as the Q settings, making 26.2 Hz possible as an example. (As a tip you can click the fader controlling whatever audio function above the EQ and scroll to the setting you require).

The color coded windows are for ease of use. Each of them will make it simpler to adjust the feature needed, truly helpful for first time users. In addition the feature active will have the level selector switch to orange.

Time alignment is a must for any real DSP, with adjustment in not only Mili Seconds and CM, but even Inches, the SIEO will have you fully covered with increments as tight as .05 MS / .1 CM / .0001 Inches.
The versatility of this DSP shines through once you open the crossover section. Slopes with increments of 6 dB/Octave up to 48 dB helps you tweak to the optimum. What stands out are the filtertypes available, Butterworth, Bessel & Linkwitz will cater to your needs, but more so is the combination of the filtertypes. Most DSP’s have locked filters (i.e. Butterworth) on both highpass and lowpass. We didn’t want to limit ourselves, so you can tailor fit your crossovers to be a 18 dB/Octave Butterworth on highpass and a 12 dB/Octave Linkwitz on lowpass.


OEM, aftermarket or custom, the DSP will be a perfect partner in any install. The SIEO will be able to use both high / low level inputs (Speaker inputs vs RCA inputs), great for newer cars that still has a factory installed headunit without RCA outputs. The inputs also allow for summing, a feature that is able to combine 2 signals into one as the input signal may already be crossed over from the factory head unit.

With 6 RCA inputs, 1 aux 3.5 mm jack and 1 optical input you shouldn’t have a problem connecting any source, yes and of course the Bluetooth streaming function provided by the BTD 4.0 (optional) you are fully prepared to enjoy any audible source that you can split into 8 output channels. To make it easy to use all the features this DSP offers it connects via Wi-Fi making you avoid the hassle of bringing along cables which you tend to forget anyways.


Frequency Range:5 Hz ~ 20 KHz (+/- 3 dB)
Signal to Noise Ratio: >110 dB
Channel Seperation:
>60 dB
Input Sensitivity: 5-0.3 V
Input Impedance :>47 KOhms
DSP Processor Type:
32 bit, 8 channel, 192 KHz
Signal Output: 8 x RCA
Signal Input: 6 x RCA
Optional Input:Toslink (optical 12 ~96 KHz, stereo)
AUX (3.5 mm jack, stereo)
Software Compability:Windows
7, 8, 8.1, 10
Dimensions:6.3" x 1.73" x 8.18"
16 x 4.4 x 20.8cm
Equalizer Type:Parametric / Graphic
Q 0.5 ~9
Equalizer bands:
6 x 31 / 2 x 11
-18 ~ 12 dB
Crossover type:
Butterworth, Linkwitz Riley, Bessel
Crossover Slope:
6 ~ 48 dB / Oct HP/BP/LP
Remote Control Features:
Master Volume, Subwoofer Volume, Input Selection, Mode Selection
Operational Voltage:
11 V ~15 V