Lithium / SLIP40AH

Todays amplification power has grown to the extreme. With 5.000 watts being common for the substage, the total power of systems can easily peak at 10.000 watts.
Our M-series amplifiers can even provide you with 14.000 watts at ordinary alternator voltage. It takes power to make power, premium wire cable hooked up to a large & heavy battery bank is a must. 100 kgs of added weight in batteries has become the standard.

Not to mention those with several power hungry amplifiers have easily added 300 kgs / 660 lbs to play it safe. In addition comes the weight of the amplifiers, speakers & enclosures.
The SLIP40AH lithium battery will drastically decrease the weight of your batteries, increase the overall performance and even take up less footprint. Each SLIP40AH has the equivalent peak performance to 3 mid-sized premium agm batteries. The average weight saved can easily be 90 kgs / 200 lbs.

Another benefit is the saved cost of alternators. A stock alternator is sufficient for a single lithium battery, but we have made the SLIP40AH capable of peak charges up to 250 A. As long as the operation temperature is not exceeded (-4° ~ 140° F / -20° ~ 60° C), the battery can be used in the engine bay.

During the R&D done in the US, current draws of 800 A from the SLIP40AH provided a better spl score compared to a bank of 3 AGM batteries, in addition the lithium rebounced within 30 seconds to floating voltage, while the agm kept decreasing from each test.

The SLIP40AH uses a casing where no assembly is required, making it faster and easier to replace a stock or upgraded battery bank. Safe charging is handled by a “BMS” Battery Management System & cells are balanced. Shipping is done by a certified hazmat shipper and the SLIP40AH complies with the UN3480 shipping standard.

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Battery Type:13.2 V LiFePO4 cylindrical13.2 V LiFePO4 cylindrical
Ampere Hours:18 AH40 AH
Amplifier Power Capacity:5 KW Max / 3.5 KW continious12 KW Max / 7 KW continious
Weight: 3.77 kg / 8.32 lbs7 kg / 15.4 lbs
Dimensions metric (Lenght x Height x Width): 16.6 cm x 12.5 cm x 17.5 cm32 cm x 18 cm x 16 cm
Dimensions imperial:6.53" x 4.92" x 6.89"12.59" x 7.01" x 6.29
Open Circuit Voltage: 13.3 V13.4 V
Max Charge Voltage: 14.8 V14.8 V
Recommended Charge Voltage:
14.6 V14.6 V
Watt Hours:237.6528
Max Discharge Current:
400 A (BMS protection)1000 A
Continuous Discharge Current (Dynamic):300 A600 A
Continous Charge Current:8 A20 A
Max Charge Current (peak):120 A (Alternator)250 A (Alternator)
Terminal Type:M8M8
Warranty:1 Year1 Year
Operation Temperature:-4° ~ 140° (Fahrenheit)
-20° ~ 60° (Celcius)