Improving a benchmark proved to hard, the first Duo was at its best for several years & is still considered unique.
But we are not known to dwell, therefore we started working on the successor, The  MKII.

With a brand new pcb we opted for a wider heatsink to allow for better heat dissipation. 2 oz copper traces on a dual sided pcb along with hand picked and matched components from the finest suppliers (Sanken, IR, TI), ensures enhanced sound quality, no matter the load of the amplifer. The Dual 0 Gauge power terminals are there for a reason. More power in, more power out. The added terminals will also increase the efficiency while optimizing the dynamics,  2 key-features in any SQ installation. However they do also serve a purpose as 1 ohm operation sets demands to stock electrical systems when you are able of achieving 3000 class A/B watts.

For those in need of something more than the ordinary, the Duo now features individual gain for each channel and also potentiometers with corresponding frequencies for each click.
We call this feature for ACCU8. This function allows you to set your crossover at the exact setting required for a true audiophile experience without having to guess or use tools. In addition there’s individual gain settings for each channel which is a reveered feature for the elite. But we also have a bypass function for this mode, making adjustments easier.

Even as a full range amplifier, the Duo will truly show its strenght in a subwoofer configuration. The 1 ohm stereo configuration will allow you to connect 8 dual 2 ohm subwoofers without the amp breaking a sweat. With 3000 class A/B watts into 2 ohm bridge or 2 ch stereo at 1 ohm (2 x 1500 watts), it will surpass many larger class D amplifiers in SQ, dynamics and headroom.

Duo Manual

Frequency Response:15 Hz ~ 40 KHz (+/- 1 dB)
Signal to Noise Ratio: >100 dB
Input Sensitivity:6 ~ 0.2 V
Crossover: 24 dB / Oct
Low Pass Crossover: 50 Hz ~ 500 Hz / 500 Hz ~5 KHz
High Pass Crossover:20 Hz ~ 500 Hz / 200 Hz ~ 5 KHz
Band Pass: Yes
Bass Boost: 0 ~ 18 dB
Bass Boost Frequency:
35 Hz ~ 120 Hz
Damping Factor:>800
Power Terminal gauge:
0 GA x 2
Fuse Rating:300 A
Operational voltage:10 V ~ 16 V
Dimensions:25.98" x 11.8" x 2.6"
66 x 30 x 6.4 cm
Power @ 4 Ω 14.4v < 0.1% THD:
2 x 500 w
Power @ 2 Ω 14.4v < 0.1% THD:
2 x 900 w
Power @ 1 Ω 12v < 0.1% THD:
Power @ 1 Ω 14.4v < 0.1 % THD:
2 x 1000 w
2 x 1500 w