Todays cars have a variety of audio systems that are better than expected, especially if smartphone headsets are the standard.
But for those used to that little extra, the easiest way to get a decent upgrade is replacing the factory speakers.
BMW has done rather well with their 3 way kit, however with just a few changes, it is possible to achieve a better audio reproduction without too much effort.

Our 3 way speaker kit is made as a factory replacement, but withtout any compromises. Only the finest materials are chosen to ensure a true enhancement of your audio experience. Whereas the standard system will use common materials in midranges such as ferrite motors, we opted for neodymium.

Neodymium is a lightweight design, yet costly, but more powerful than standard magnets. One of the benefits, besides less weight, is also the increased performance in both audio reproduction and sensitivity.
In addition we increased the thermal capacity of the speaker by using a vented pole, this will minimize both distorsion and impedance rise, that way you are sure you won’t have as much loss of power sent from your factory amplifier system.

Mini is also a part of the BMW group, therefore they share some solutions. Our 4″ speaker BU402C will also work as a factory upgrade in their vehicles.
Will it be hard to install you might think? Actually when we say oem replacment, it means all connectors are the same and no adapters or spare connectors are needed.
That way you won’t damage your precious prestige automobile and can easily swap back to the factory speakers when you need to trade in or sell the car.

In the manuals below you will find a full compatibility list of which vehicles can fit the 3 way kit.
BSW8 is a universal fit for BMW’s with 8″ woofers.

Who said you can’t enjoy the choice of the world champions? B2 audio is bringing the Danish Design audio heritage into your car.